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Yesterday we released a video of John Bachtell, a national board member from the Communist Party U.S.A., addressing the bongo-banging, spoiled, suburban run-aways at the #OccupyChicago tent city and an interview with a few of his “fellow travelers” in the march.

Thanks to a reader tip, we have identified the three individuals in the march who we interviewed. In the photo below starting on the left is James Raines, a University of Memphis teacher (from reader tip), next to his right is Jordan Farrar (Young Communist League & Organizing for America), and next to him is Gabe Niechcial, another young communist.

According to the P/oed Patriot, Farrar, seen in the white C.P. USA shirt, is not only a Young Communist League leader, but he is also a member of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America and he organized a rally in 2009 for OFA to support President Obama’s health care bill. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was featured guestat Farrar’s event as well.

Notice the host name on the screenshot of the event invitation.

Jordan is a self-described “militant anti-racist anti-fascist Marxist-Leninist skinhead.”

As found on his Facebook page:

“I am a writer for the People’s World, an organizer for the Young Communist League, USA, and a dedicated member of the Communist Party, USA. I am a militant anti-racist anti-fascist Marxist-Leninist skinhead. I fight along with my comrades for a better world through peace, equality, democracy and by creating a socialist America to put an end to the imperialist and capitalist aggression that has been carried out in the name of the American people.”

He also states:

“Another world is possible, another United States is necessary!”

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