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Meredith Jessup @ The Blaze:

I shouldn’t have watched the latest Obama campaign ad so soon after eating my lunch. It made me sick to my stomach — both as a proud conservative, and as a woman.

“If you’re a conservative woman, and you believe in small government, then Barack Obama is your candidate,” the ad proclaims, “because he’s keeping the government out of the decisions that should remain between you and God, and you and your own conscience.”

First of all, really?  When you think “small government,” is Barack Obama among the very first things that comes to your mind?  Yeah, me neither.

Second of all, I cannot tell you how SICK and TIRED I am of having the Democratic Party and President Obama narrowly define “women’s issues” as birth control and abortion.  Newsflash: women have brains in addition to vaginas.  And with my very capable brain, I can tell you that the characterization of women as victims of some sort of conservative assault on their “rights” is not only degrading to my gender, but also insulting to my intelligence.

How, as a woman, am I all of a sudden in crisis because, under Romney, the federal government might continue to not take issue with my easily accessible and oh-so-inexpensive birth control?

Oh, could it be because Obama’s approval rating among women has slipped precipitously since he took office?

There are so many other issues in this presidential race to which women should pay attention, but President Obama hopes they don’t.

Here are just a few to mull over:

– 17 million women are living in poverty today — up 800,000 since President Obama took office;

– 7.5 million women are living in “extreme” poverty;

 Women working in President Obama’s White House are paid 18% less than his male employees;

 Women want their family’s health care decisions to be made by their doctors, not unelected bureaucrats;

 Women don’t want $4/gallon gasoline prices;

– Unemployment among women has gone up 15 percent since President Obama was inaugurated;

 Women are gaining jobs at 1/4 the pace of men;

 Women want the nation’s economy to grow more than 1.5% annually;

 Women don’t want to pass on trillions of dollars in debt and deficits to their children;

 Women want to retire someday, hopefully before Social Security goes bankrupt; and

 Women want stability in the housing market, not continuing record numbers of foreclosures and declining home values.

With all this in mind, how is it that the women in this ad think contraception and abortion are the most important issues this election?

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