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Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:

In many ways, Elizabeth Warren is the perfect Democratic Party candidate to follow Obama. First term senator? Check. No major accomplishments to speak of? Check. No executive experience? Check. A questionable life story that the media refuses to investigate? Check. She really has it all.

The progressive base of the Democratic Party recognizes her potential and just like they did with Obama, they’re already creating a cult of personality around her.

If you can stomach it, listen to this new song created by the folks at Ready For Warren.


Allahpundit of Hot Air provides an apt comparison:

It’s not a presidential campaign in America anymore until someone puts their progressive hero-worship for a Clinton challenger to music.

The contrast in styles with “Yes We Can” is revealing. That song was celebrity-heavy and hymnal, both of which fed the idea of Obama as icon. He was an object of veneration, the left’s epitome of cool. Warren doesn’t have one one-thousandth his personal charisma and, unlike him circa 2007, she does seem to care about policy on the merits, beyond whether a given position will help or hurt her nascent presidential campaign.


For her part in the transformation of politics into religion, Warren has created a list of progressive commandments.

Emily Roller of National Journal reported:

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