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I don’t mean that to make fun of anybody. I include myself in that “our.”

Me, personally? I am kind of really desperate for someone to come along I can just say “That’s the guy!” to. (Or “That’s the gal!”)

Is Rick Perry a possible “That’s the guy!” guy? I don’t really know.Allah seems jazzed.

[W]hy not Perry? He has more than a decade of experience leading one of America’s biggest states, can boast economic growth at a moment when voters are desperate for relief from the malaise, would enjoy key regional support as a southerner, has budget-cutting cred to spare that’ll please tea partiers, and flashes enough personality to make him easily stand out at debates against other top-tier candidates like Romney, Pawlenty, and Daniels.

Rick Perry has that great quality I look for in a candidate: I don’t know anything about him so I don’t have any reason to be against him.

Perry has that “X Factor,” and by “X Factor,” I mean: I have no real idea who the heck he is.

Perry has something other candidates don’t: I have not yet formed a hard opinion on why he is so awful.

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