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Hunter and Caroline Biden.
The Biden clan is notorious for their closeness.

by Ace

This gets more and more convoluted.
The background check that included the claim that Hunter Biden was paying $49,910 in rent to The Big Guy was actually part of an apartment application.
He was attempting to rent an apartment in his own name, but he had no intent to live there — it was a straw rental application. The apartment was actually to house Caroline Biden, then 31, who was on probation (Bidens never go to jail) for grand larceny, for buying $100,000 in merchandise with a stolen credit card.
You know — kid stuff, right?
Caroline had decided that she didn’t want to be on probation in Delaware, but wanted to live in California. But to get her probation case transferred from Delaware to California, she’d need to prove 1, she already had secured an apartment there, and 2, that she had a job there.
The corrupt Bidens acted to corruptly secure her with both — you know, like a mafia captain does when a soldier gets out of jail — reports the Free Beacon.
For some reason the Biden crime family believed that Hunter, who was very much in his crack-addict/whore-monger/laptop-shedding phase, was the right pointman for this particular operation.
I guess because he was living in California at the time.
Obviously he would have no other qualifications.

Keeping Caroline Biden out of prison was a Biden family affair and Hunter Biden was at the center of the effort. He moved to the West Coast at least in part to escape family drama, he explained in a July 17 message, saying his sister-in-law and former lover Hallie Biden had asked him to leave the state of Delaware. His day to day in California, text messages and passages from his 2021 autobiography reveal, was largely spent cooking up batches of crack cocaine and negotiating rates with prostitutes. But Joe Biden, according to a text from Caroline Biden to Hunter Biden, thought Hunter Biden was a “good influence” on her.“Your dad thinks you’re a good influence which you are,” she wrote in a text message to Hunter Biden on July 20, 2018.
In text messages, Caroline Biden repeatedly referred to Hunter Biden as her “partner in crime,” and the pair commiserated over their “sick” family. She was trying to move to California to be closer to him.
Hunter Biden, Caroline Biden said, was the only family member she felt she could talk to, because “the majority of my family thinks I’m nuts and untalktoable.” She complained that “our family’s sick,” that she had “no relationship with my nuclear family,” and that she had to “do everything on my fucking own,” including finding a place to live in California.

She has to do everything on her own, including finding an apartment?
At age 31, you say?
Wow, what a horror story. Anne Frank just emailed me to say “I’ve never in my life heard of such a tribulation as this.”

…That form, now the subject of intrigue, was riddled with erroneous declarations… The form also declares that Hunter Biden had never been convicted of a crime or had a charge expunged from his record, though on at least one occasion he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and had the charge expunged from his record.

And of course the entire application was fraudulent, as Hunter Biden was not to be the actual resident.
The Biden’s arranged a mafia-like barely-show job with, get this, a Biden Campaign Donor’s firm.
The felon Caroline rejected it, stating that it was beneath her.

Jim Biden also asked his nephew to convince Caroline Biden to accept a job, another term of her transfer to California. But Caroline Biden, who at 31 had only had cushy jobs secured by her family and had no intention of lowering her standards.Emails show she was a candidate for a job from Masimo Corporation, a California company owned by one of Joe Biden’s largest donors, with an $85,000 base salary, a guaranteed 10 percent bonus, and stock options. She was hesitant, she said, because the pay was insufficient.
“That’s below minimum wage in California after taxes,” she told her father in an email. “I cannot take this job. I have never made this little money in my life.” Caroline Biden said she couldn’t take a job for “less than $180,000.”

She “bombed” the interview but wound up being offered an internship — and that, only because Biden’s Donor had the understanding that she was to be offered something, no matter how poorly she did in the interview. After all, they had to fake a job for her probation transfer paperwork.
The boss would, how you say?, greatly appreciate your cooperation. Otherwise, the boss might, how you say?, set fire to your office building…

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