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Remember how the left continually got its panties in a wad over Dick Cheney’s association with Halliburton – especially when the company was granted a government contract? Or, its incessant shrieking about the evil Koch brothers and how they routinely buy elections for Republicans?

While the list of O’s crony capitalism deals is not only long, but well documented (example: $16.4 billion of the $20.5 billion in loans granted to “green” energy companies (as of Sept. 15, 2011) went to companies either run by or primarily owned by Obama financial backers, or large donors to the Democratic Party), here’s a recent gem that really stinks to high heaven:

A health insurance company headed by an old friend of O’s from his days as an Illinois state senator got a whopping $340 million federal loan to establish ObamaCare co-ops in New York, New Jersey and Oregon – despite having a chronic record of consumer and regulatory complaints. From The Washington Examiner:

The New York-based Freelancers Insurance Company (FIC) has been rated the “worst” insurer for two straight years by state regulators, and data compiled by a national insurance association show an extremely high rate of consumer complaints.

The firm was founded in 2008 by Sara Horowitz, who worked with Obama while he was in the Illinois state senate to launch Demos, a left-wing, New York think tank funded in part by George Soros. (I’m shocked.)

In 2012, Horowitz’s FIC won the largest single award under an obscure ObamaCare provision that allocates $2 billion to establish 24 co-ops to compete against private insurers and state health insurance exchanges. Co-ops are collectively-owned organizations that produce goods or services for the benefit of members instead of for profit. (Sounds good on paper so far, huh?)

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