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by Ace

It only became permissible to say this a week after the election.

This seems to be a shift: the media declared that rioters’ right to riot superseded everything while Trump was president.

But now they seem to be shifting to make the case that rioting is, get this, illegal, at least under hypothetical Commander in Thief Sundown Joe.

On Monday, The New York Times belatedly published an article recounting the horrific damage that the Black Lives Matter riots wreaked on Kenosha, Wisc. The article’s timing seems particularly suspect — it appears the Times, which ran interference for the Black Lives Matter rioters throughout the summer, only decided to cover the fallout from the riots after the paper joined others in calling the presidential race for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In the story, the Times’ Nellie Bowles acknowledged that insurance only goes so far when it comes to making business owners whole in the wake of riots and looting. Bowles cited the book In Defense of Looting, which claims that “looting is an essential tactic against a racist capitalist society, and a largely victimless crime… because stores will be made whole through insurance.”

After The Philadelphia Inquirer dared to publish an op-ed entitled, “Buildings Matter, Too,” the top editor resigned amid backlash.

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