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Perhaps the Democrats thought their Children’s Crusade would put them over the top this time, after repeatedly losing the battle over guns. But so far, it doesn’t look that way. Most people believe that stricter gun laws will either have no effect or lead to increased violent crime. And Rasmussen finds that 54% think massive government failures are mostly to blame for the Parkland, Florida shootings, while only 33% blame a lack of gun control. Interestingly, the finding is even more pronounced among those who have school-age children: 61% think government is mostly to blame, while only 23% point the finger mostly at guns.

In other words, despite the non-stop efforts of CNN and MSNBC, attitudes toward gun control and violent crime haven’t changed much. It may well be that a few modest changes will be made, e.g. a ban on bump stocks, which hardly anyone cares about. But if the Democrats believe they can ride vilification of America’s largest civil rights organization to victory in November, I think they are mistaken.

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