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The Lincoln Project — the notorious group of supposed conservatives who were out to get former President Donald Trump but ended up disgraced and humiliated — continues to demonstrate a stunning lack of self-awareness and basic intelligence.
What now?
Joining the legion of left-wingers who sing the praises of Antifa — the lawless, militant thugs who disguise their identities while ganging up and terrorizing those who get in their way — the Lincoln Project used the anniversary of D-Day to equate Antifa with the soldiers who stormed Normandy’s beaches to fight Adolf Hitler and Nazis in World War II.
Here’s the ad the Lincoln Project ran:


“The work of opposing fascism is as American as apple pie,” the text of the group’s Twitter post read. “As we again face the rise fascism — this time on our own shores — that work must continue.”
The ad included a video whose narrator actually referred to the World War II allies as “Antifa” — as if any of those incredibly brave and honorable soldiers would be caught dead participating in any of Antifa’s thuggish behavior.
How did folks react?
Incredibly, the tweet has received over 10,000 likes since Sunday, as well as a number of kudos-drenched comments. But not everybody is buying what the Lincoln Project is trying to sell:

  • “Those American soldiers loved America, loved the flag, were patriotic, brave, HATED Nazism AND communism, and would never destroy the property of innocent American citizens,” one commenter said. “Complete opposite of today’s America-hating Antifa domestic terrorists.”
  • “Anyone comparing current day Antifa (Marxists) to veterans of Allied countries in the world wars needs their diplomas revoked and their heads examined,” another user said. “Honor the heroes and please refrain from invoking parallels to domestic terrorists within the same discussion.”
  • “Stop. Just stop. You don’t get to befoul the greatest generation by usurping their accomplishments,” another commenter declared. “They were fighting you, vacuous imbecile.”

And a couple more:


This writer’s perspective
The left figured out immediately after Trump’s 2016 election that they could get away with street violence and destruction in most cases. Antifa was born from that realization and has flourished in left-wing cities like Portland and Seattle, as arrested thugs are often released with no bail. During last summer’s rioting, woke celebrities and other left-wingers with deep pockets financed bailouts and legal defenses for many arrested militants across the country.
The gaslighting only grew from there, as leftist politicians like President Joe Biden repeated the false claim that Antifa isn’t an organization but an idea. Democratic U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), chairman of House Judiciary Committee, said last summer that Antifa is a “myth.” Nothing more than the left-wing playbook talking point that a Big Lie repeated often enough starts to become true.

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