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This time, the allegation is that RUSSIAN BOTS caused Brexit to pass.

This guy’s specialty seems to be taking political defeats that leftists just can’t or won’t accept, and then taking a lot of money to spin a pleasing conspiracy theory for them which they can then weaponize to overturn the results of the electoral defeat they refuse to accept.

The Guardian, on this past Monday:

PM accused of cover-up over report on Russian meddling in UK politics

Boris Johnson was on Monday night accused of presiding over a cover-up after it emerged that No 10 refused to clear the publication of a potentially incendiary report examining Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party.

…Fresh evidence has also emerged of attempts by the Kremlin to infiltrate the Conservatives by a senior Russian diplomat suspected of espionage, who spent five years in London cultivating leading Tories including Johnson himself.

It can now be revealed that Sergey Nalobin — who once described the future prime minister as “our good friend”– lives in a Moscow apartment block known as the “FSB house” because it houses so many employees from the Kremlin’s main spy agency.

The committee’s report is based on analysis from Britain’s intelligence agencies, as well as third-party experts such as the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, and is subject to a final clearance from Downing Street.

…Another guest was Johnson’s future girlfriend Carrie Symonds, a Tory party activist. At the time she worked in the office of John Whittingdale, the pro-Brexit MP who was the group’s honorary vice-president. The group collapsed after revelations of Nalobi’s alleged ties with the Kremlin’s SVR foreign intelligence agency.

Over the weekend, the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, raised questions over Cummings connections to Russia, and the levels of security vetting to which he had been subject, after an official whistleblower raised concerns with her.

So, here we have:

* A report partly compiled by Christopher Steele

* A “whistleblower”

* An attempt to claim that because this person knows this person and that person knows a Russian, the Russians have kompromat

* An attempt to claim that the Russians are in league with the party that’s been opposing them for 100 years, and to claim that they’re working against the party that’s been promoting Soviet/Russian interests and in fact has frequently produced actual bona-fide Soviet agents.

* An attempt to weaponize this bullshit to swing an upcoming election

Wait wait wait wait wait — I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of this before.

Rolling Stone’s leftist, but anti-Deep-State, Matt Taibbi thinks this all sounds suspiciously familiar too.

Christopher Steele became famous in the United States as the author of a “dossier” that claimed Russians had been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Donald Trump “for at least 5 years.

“Now Steele is back, claiming that the Russians have been cultivating the Tories and Boris Johnson for five years.

You can’t make this stuff up.

…Steele, in fact, was a private opposition researcher hired by the “premium research” firm Fusion-GPS, on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. [Steele’s planted] Yahoo story came out on September 23, 2016; it would be over a year before Steele’s status as a paid Clinton researcher would be made public.

After Isikoff’s piece came out, the Clinton campaign released a statement about how it was “chilling” to learn that “U.S. intelligence officials” were “conducting a probe into suspected meetings between Trump’s foreign policy adviser Carter Page and members of Putin’s inner circle.”

He points out that this is a common tactic, to “comment gravely” in reaction to a story you yourself planted, as if you’re taken aback and just beginning to wrestle with the implications of this stunning and independent reportage.

He then takes us through three years of conspiracy theories by the media, and Jake Tapper’s role in attempting to keep the dossier secret while dribbling out details that might seem important — until you actually got to read the whole pee-soaked ream of nonsense.

Which Tapper got very angry at BuzzFeed Ben publishing.

And he notes the four “Sneaky Petes” — who I assume are Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and maybe Andrew McCabe? — arranged to have an inadequate and deliberately-redacted version of this “briefed” to Trump, with the strong implication that this was all just a set-up to give Tapper, Scuitto, Bernstein, and Glenn Simspon’s literal best friend and former partner at the WSJ, Even Perez, the “news hook” they needed to report about the dossier — vaguely, insinuatingly, and for maximum political impact.

And of course he can’t help noticing that Christopher Steel and, who knows, perhaps Fusion GPS is running the exact same playbook again, this time against Boris Johnson, Brexit, and the Tories, and that once again, the media is packaging this horseshit up and shoveling it out to the public without a scintilla of skepticism — or context.

When we let stuff like this go, the public sees us as fools, at which point it doesn’t matter whether what we write is for or against any politician, because nobody believes us anyway. Is this really the industry standard we’re gunning for? Are we never going to own up to this one?

Answers: Yes and yes.

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