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By David Zukerman

Democrats are trying to expel Republican George Santos from Congress, depriving the GOP of one quarter of its majority in the House of Representatives.

The New York Times, in its May 21 editorial, calls on House Republicans to remove Rep. George Santos because, as the title of the print version of the editorial, he deceived voters. The print version of this New York Times ploy to narrow the gap between House Democrat and Republicans is: “G.O.P LEADERS MUST HOLD SANTOS ACCOUNTABLE FOR DECEIVING VOTERS.”

The online title asks, “Why is George Santos Still in Office?”

But why are so many House Democrats who regularly deceive voters still in office?

On the matter of voter deception, first The New York Times must return its Pulitzer for its reporting of the false Trump Russia collusion story.   Until that Pulitzer returned, this award represents serious honor to baseless reportage.

And if George Santos is to be removed from Congress, he must be joined by the removal of all House Democrats who pushed theTrump/Russia collusion fabrication, discredited by The Durham Report, intended to undermine the presidential election of November 8, 2016.

Equal justice under law includes this principle:  No one is immune to account for deceiving the public for political gain.


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