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Joseph D’Aleo:

Remember a year ago when few days of July ‘warmth’ with strong blocking over Greenland had the media abuzz over some melting?

Last July a brief spell of temperatures in the mid 30s had caused some surface slush formation on top of the 1 to 1.5 mile thick Greenland ice. The NASA sensors merely color-coded the phase of the water – ice (white), mixed water and ice (rose) and none (land grey). Rose meant some surface liquid. For Greenland, business as usual, because 150 years ago, there were no satellites to record the event.

It quickly refroze in a few days even before the flurry of news stories hyping it stopped.



The July 2012 melt event was a couple of short blips above freezing.


You can see the ice at the summit was very much still in evidence.


Well, a year later, we have an interesting opposite scenario with a deep arctic low bringing snow to the arctic and Greenland in late July.

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