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Andrew Malcolm:

Oh, geez. Here we go again.

President Obama Wednesday stepped into the explosive political eruptions in Ukraine to gratuitously warn the embattled repressive government “there will be consequences if someone steps over the line.”
After 1,856 days in office, this naive yokel, who promised he’d charm the world into loving America again, still cannot resist the temptation to utter empty threats to foreign leaders, threats that they know very well he has absolutely no intention of fulfilling, threats that diminish any surviving U.S. clout abroad.

Apparently Barack Obama doesn’t remember the time Barack Obama drew a very public red line and threatened to do something really serious if Syrian President Bashir al Assad used his chemical weapons. Which he did. And which Barack Obama did zipola about. Except talk some more, which he thinks he’s still good at.
Sure, Obama’s south side was covered by Russian President Vladimir Putin appearing to broker a deal with Assad to relinquish the fixings for those lethal chemical stews, which the Syrian leader has now aborted. And about which Obama can only utter more warnings. Can you say yada-yada in Arabic?

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