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Ed Lasky:

In America justice is supposed to be blind not our commander-in-chief. In Obama’s topsy-turvy America justice is not blind but our President is-and willfully so-when it comes to threats facing Americans. Will he remove his blinders?  Only if he is forced to and by then it may be too late.

Charles Krauthammer, one of America’s smartest columnists, said it best regarding President Obama and the threats to America coming from ISIS:

“I don’t think the issue is the president was unaware or taken by surprise. I think this was willful blindness to the nature of the threat.”

“For the 5 and a half years he’s been in office, he’s tried to minimize the whole idea of the War on Terror,” the columnist explained. “He abolished the term. He gave a speech six months ago saying the War on Terror must end, it’s damaging our country — as if he can unilaterally declare an end to a war when the other guy hasn’t declared an end on his side.”

He has said the tide of war is receding,” Krauthammer continued. “But he did that by defining the threat and the enemy as al-Qaida central, as if the enemy is a club that lives in Pakistan or parts of Afghanistan and that’s it. So whenever you had an explosion of Islamic radicalism in Mali or Libya or elsewhere, it was considered something else, as he said, a jayvee team.”

“This is a willful attempt to actually will away the war that we were looking at.”

Even before Barack Obama became president he whitewashed threats from abroad — especially those emerging from the Islamic world.

He said back in 2008 that Iran did not pose a serious threat to America and that we do not need to worry about “tiny” countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. He especially dismissed any threat from Iran since that nation spent 1/100th of what America does on defense.  Of course, Iran is not tiny at all — but it has long been known that Barack Obama is geographically challenged (Hawaii, his home state(!), is not in Asia; they don’t speak Austrian in Austria); there are 50, not 57 states. Did Senator Obama not know that Iran had long been designated as the number one state sponsor of terror in the world (so designated by Bill Clinton via one of those executive orders Obama is so addicted to using) and has the blood of many Americans on its hands (its proxies are responsible for the murders of our Marines in Lebanon, our soldiers in Iraq and Saudi Arabia).

As Obama spoke in 2008, Iran had been developing its nuclear weapons program and has throughout the years boasted of goal to destroy America and bring about an apocalypse that would give rise to the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam.  As recently as two years ago, his mouthpiece, White House spokesman Jay Carney, said Obama was in “no rush” to deal with Iran’s nuclear program and the result of this willful blindness may very well be an Islamist theocracy with a nuclear bomb arsenal.

He has continued to deny reality as President.  During his annual pre-Super Bowl interview (please cancel these) he was asked about the prospects of Iran attacking America and responded, “We don’t see any evidence that they have those intentions or capabilities right now”. This was a mere two months after Iran was implicated by his own intelligence and Department of Justice officials as being behind assassination plots in Washington, D.C.

 Hey, facts don’t matter to Barack Obama.

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