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Ben Rhodes — a failed novelist (who never wrote a novel) and Obama’s most trusted security advisor — said that the terrorist groups antifa, BAMN, and BLM never commit any crimes except when police show up.

In other words: He’s pushing the conspiracy theory that the police are starting these riots, are using their own paid, controlled agent provocateurs to start riots.

This is a former highest level security advisor on the left claiming that the riots you see are caused by Crisis Actors.

This is now accepted — in fact, oft-retweeted — thinking among the allegedly moderate suburban white leftist intelligentsia.

A sitting congressman and former presidential candidate also declares solidarity with a domestic terrorist group:

The official Fairfax, Virginia Democrat Party — wealthy, suburban, mostly government workers and also mostly white — say they support riots in the name of justice:

For years we told the Corporate Cuck Pseudoright that the left had become radicalized and was growing into a serious threat to American liberty and American lives.

We told them we could no longer afford to fuck around in Sadr City when America was the real battleground.

We have to fight them over there, they said, so we didn’t have to fight them here.

Meanwhile, they pretended away the menance of the metasticizing Maoist left, and refused to fight them here.

There was more social prestige and more career opportunities to be had in virtue signalling against the Proud Boys and demanding Roseanne Barr’s deplatforming, so the careerist, corporate-funded cuck pseudoright did just that.

All they did in response was gatekeep — often cheerleading, often ringleading attacks on real conservatives, while meanwhile insisting that Their Very Good Leftist Friends were not radicalized and that the only real radicals worth worrying about were, of course, on the right.

Flight 93 election — what a sick fantasy of the deplorables.

Don’t you know our Liberal Democrat Friends are in fact cool-headed moderates who only have a few minor points of disagreement with us?

Well, what do these corporate charity case “conservatives,” these Kept Women whores have to say now?

Want to keep telling me that there’s nothing wrong with America that some Reagan Quotations and some Jack Kemp Entertainment Zones can’t fix?

What are the Koch brothers paying you lie about now?

So National Review, David French, Jonah Goldberg, those taking Google’s money and then stepping up to defend Google from antitrust actions at every opportunity, without ever disclosing they’re taking Google’s money, Tim Carney and the rest of the gang being funded by left/”libertarian” corporate supremacists through the laundry services of AEI:

You’ve all long told us that we were just scaremongering when we said the left had radicalized into neomarxist violent revolutionaries. No matter how many white, upper middle class members of the media — College-Educated Suburban Swells Just Like You — defended and even praised antifa, you claimed that they really didn’t mean it and there was nothing to worry about and the only real people we had to be concerned about were the people concerned about the metastaization of the White “Liberal” “Center Left” into hardcore Maoites.

Just ignore what they’re saying, ignore the increasing violence and hysteria on college campuses. Ignore the fact that known antifa criminals are hired by Democrat politicians and by Democrat-aligned organizations.

Just as with Hitler’s appeasers: You just kept telling us ignore the left’s words, ignore the left’s stated plans, ignore the left’s increasing violence and the allegedly “moderate” members of the “center” left increasingly justifying that violence.

Just pretend it all away.

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