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First there was “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In,” then there was the unofficial slogan created by supporters of “Yes We Can.” And just last year, Team Obama floated “We Can’t Wait” — but that never really caught on.

Now Barack Obama’s latest campaign slogan “Forward!,” which happens to not only carry a special meaning in Marxist, socialist, and communist political terminology, but it’s also the name of a Nazi marching tune — Vorwarts! Vorwarts! (hat tip – Jim Hoft):


Quite a coincidence … what an astonishing fit. After all, as The Nationcolumnist Ari Melber points out at Mediaite — it’s based on emotion and fear (as opposed to facts, reality, and common sense):

“The rational mind looks at that video and says, here’s that counterfactual historical argument about what might have been if you had a different response,” said Melber. “And the President’s response was the best under the circumstances.” 

Melber went on to say that there is also an emotional calculation to this slogan and to the election. “The emotional response is: be very afraid,” said Melber. “It’s economic fear. We’ve had other elections on security fear and the fear there is suggesting the idea that the Republican party of Mitt Romney are not looking out for you.”

And wouldn’t you know it … Barack Obama’s seven-minute long documentary about all the great things he’s supposedly to have accomplished — ‘Forward’ — immediately looks backward and blames Bush within the first 20 seconds (then goes on to attack Republicans and conservative commentators):

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