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From the water muddiers at the Associated Press:

CIA chief challenges Senate torture report

By KEN DILANIAN | December 11, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director John Brennan threaded a rhetorical needle in an unprecedented televised news conference at CIA headquarters Thursday, acknowledging that agency officers did “abhorrent” things to detainees but defending the overall post-9/11 interrogation program for stopping attacks and saving lives.

Mr. Brennan didn’t ‘thread any needle.’ He said almost exactly what every other CIA Director and Deputy Director has said about the Democrat staffers’ report: It’s hogwash. (Meaning, ‘crap.’)

At the heart of Brennan’s case is a finely tuned argument (sic): that while today’s CIA takes no position on whether the brutal interrogation tactics themselves led detainees to cooperate, there is no doubt that detainees subjected to the treatment offered “useful and valuable” information afterward.

Huh? Are we to believe the AP or our lying eyes? There was no ‘finely tuned argument.’ Brennan said the program yielded valuable information that stopped other large scale 9/11 like attacks and helped us to find Bin Laden.

Speaking to reporters and on live television— something no one on the CIA public affairs staff could remember ever happening on the secretive agency’s Virginia campus —Brennan said it was “unknown and unknowable” whether the harsh treatment yielded crucial intelligence that could have been gained in any other way.

And by that Mr. Brennan meant it was a stupid and meaningless hypothetical question. How can anyone know if the information might have turned up some other way?

He declined to define the techniques as torture, as President Barack Obama and the Senate intelligence committee have done, refraining from even using the word in his 40 minutes of remarks and answers.

Mainly because there was never any torture by any normal definition of the word. No matter how many times Obama and the Democrats and their lickspittle media minions claim there was.

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