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Two years ago we took considerable flak for highlighting the Nine Anticipated Stages of Obamacare Outrage.   However, despite the political delays provided by the White House to avoid consequences, and given the context of the Jonathan Gruber video (recently surfaced) we can advance to stage #5.    

The 2013 meme for antagonism around Obamacare was to point out the inherent falsehood behind the statement:

If you like your insurance plan/doctor, you can keep it“.


Anyone who has spent even a modicum of time following and researching this administration will note the only wording out of place was the first use of the term “you”.

The statement from President Obama would have been accurate if he had said:

..”If I like your insurance plan, you can keep it”

obama_lobbying-500x271Where “I” is actually defined as the political ideology behind the phrase.

It is the progressive ideology which defines what you can, or cannot, have. Period.

The entire premise of the ACA, or Obamacare, was government defining all the common denominators.  The recent Gruber video puts a fine point on this aspect.


In essence they needed to create two impressions, one real and one false.

The false impression was the one they stated publicly. This was the one to make sure the electorate voted as they needed. The real impression is what they were doing, and what they actually did – in the architecture and construction of the new national healthcare.

It does not provide value to rise up against the false impression – it’s a snipe hunt. The uprising needs to be focused on the real action that took place. Actions speak louder than words, yet so many people fail to focus their pushback approach on the action; instead they get stuck focusing on the words.

obamacare website parody

The 2013 Obamacare website was constructed to stop people from having an early capacity to see what financial impact it was (and is) going to have on their family or themselves. That is also why could not identify your 2015 enrollment premium price until after the November 2014 election.

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