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Andrew C. McCarthy @ The Corner:

The totally-bereft-of-any-Islamist-influence-whatsoever Obama administration certainly can do it all: Negotiating with terrorists (you invite more terrorism when you show the terrorists that it works), hostage exchanges with terrorists (you invite more hostage-taking when you show the hostage-takers that it works), even sweetening a pot you should never have entered in the first place (the terrorists become even more demanding once you show them you are desperate). Yes, the president has reportedly improved the offer he initially made in begging the Taliban terrorist organization to please, please come to the table to negotiate with the hapless Karzai regime.

Not to make any actual concessions, mind you. We’re willing to spring these anti-American jihadists violent extremists from Gitmo if the Taliban will just come and chat. And now, since he’s already playing this dangerously naive game anyway, Obama has apparently even offered to release the Gitmo gang before the terrorists release our POW if that’s what it takes to entice the Taliban to talk to us Karzai.

For his part, Karzai has taken time out from pardoning imprisoned rape victims who agree to marry their rapists to urge Taliban leader Mullah Omar to run for president of Afghanistan’s “Islamic democracy.”

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