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Anne Sorock @ Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion:

What would you think if you were told that the most bigoted, intolerant, hateful, and xenophobic political messages this election cycle are being spread by Obama supporters?

From ridiculing and disrespecting the Mormon religion to spreading secretly taped videos recorded by an Obama supporter in a Mormon church, those on the left are sanctioning this particular form of bigotry because it’s all for the cause: Obama.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the media, where pages upon pages have been devoted to Romney’s religion. Vicious, anti-Mormon rhetoric, ramping up in the final days leading up to the election, has been spread by MSNBC and CNN hosts, the New York Times (they have devoted anentire section of their website to articles about Mormonism), Washington Post, and the Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan, to name a few. Writes Jason Horowitz in the Washington Post:

Romney accompanied his brothers-in-law to a Mormon temple, where, donning white robes, he solemnly watched as they posthumously baptized their father [Ann’s father] through a proxy, according to a person present at the ceremony.

Yesterday, Breitbart’s John Nolte revealed that Gloria Allred’s October surprise client is spreading anti-Mormon hate around the Internet.

In one recent segment, which I took notes on right after the Tampa convention, Rachel Maddow, having attacked the religion in various ways and perhaps sensing her own intolerance, offhandedly remarked that everything she had said was “ok” because Romney mentioned his faith in his convention speech, rendering it fair game.

A quick perusal of the search results for “Mormon” on, which resulted in 5 pages of results, reveals such headlines as “Is Mormon underwear magic,” ”What we should ask Romney about Mormonism,” and “Ann: Mormon missions are just like military service!”

One Salon reporter, Alex Pareene, provided the loophole through which the average unbiased,unxenophobic, unprejudiced liberal can be excused in his article, “The coming war on Mormon jokes.” Writes Pareene:

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