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Jim Hoft:

What a coincidence! Obama just happened to find three friendly veterans in a booth at a Portland diner this week.

It was a “surprise stop.”

At least, that’s what local King5 told us.

Oregon Live also covered the “unscheduled stop” at the diner.

PORTLAND, OREGON – June 24, 2012 – President Barack Obama visited Portland Tuesday greeting diners Mark Peterson, center, and Thomas Foeller, right, at the Gateway Breakfast House in an unschedueld stop on the way to fundraisers at the Oregon Convention Center. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian.

But then the truth eked its way out—-

The three veterans were not regulars.

They just happened to be sitting in a booth at the diner when Obama popped in.

Victoria Taft has more, via Orbusmax:

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