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Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air

Barack Obama seems to have trouble with his economic citations.  Just last week, he noted a favorable review from what Obama described as a “non-partisan” economist … who just happened to be a contributor to his campaign.  Yesterday in Mansfield, Ohio, Obama told a campaign-stop crowd that Romney’s tax-reform plan had garnered an unfavorable review from “an independent, non-partisan organization … This wasn’t my staff.”  Ah, but that depends on the definition of wasn’t:


And you do not have to take my word for it. Just today, an independent, non-partisan organization ran all the numbers on Governor Romney’s plan. This wasn’t my staff. This wasn’t something we did. Independent group, ran the numbers.

Independent? Not exactly. The study at the Brookings Institute was co-authored by Adam Looney — and guess where Looney worked before his current gig?

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