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by Ace

This is the former FBI head of counterterrorism, telling us that the FBI will now proceed to jailing the opposition.

First, I thought that was overstated. Why should we take this guy’s claim as “Wray’s messaging”?
But Kyle Sheideler makes a good point: Why hasn’t Wray disavowed this lunatic fascists’ agenda to jail the former (?) administration and congressional #Resistance?
Look at this smug, smirking jerkoff. This is about the Alaska couple wrongly targeted by another FBI jackbooted raid.


I’m sure AllahPundit’s penning another shrieking warning about the “longing for authoritarianism” in the GOP. You know, like he warned us in this post quoting such luminaries as Brian Stelter and Vox’s Aaron Rupar for the proposition that Trump fascistically cleared out peaceful protesters for his own photo op.

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