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I’ll bet he does.

Retreat, declare victory, and pick up another Nobel Peace Prize on your way to the 19th Hole.

President Obama said Syria’s offer to place its chemical weapons under international controls is a “significant” and a “potentially positive development.”Obama in an interview with NBC News said the offer had to be taken “with a grain of salt” given Syria’s behavior, but also said it would be scrutinized seriously.

“We are going to run this to ground,” he told NBC in one of six network interviews he taped Tuesday afternoon.

Yeah and supposedly Kerry’s talking to his opposite Russian number about the details, but you know what? They don’t care about the details.

They always sought a Symbolic Gesture and this qualifies as a Symbolic Gesture.

And Harry Reid’s excited by the Gutsy Call Climbdown, too.

There will be champagne & Spades tonight at the White House.

And in the media, too. The media was struggling carrying Obama’s water on this one, and now they can go into their preferred mode of Obama coverage: Ecstatic praise.

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