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The “warlord” of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), knew he had someone filming his exploits Sunday night and early Monday morning. Raz Simone, the Seattle rapper whose gun-toting group of “security” officers comb the streets of The CHAZ at night, kept seeing videos popping up on his phone of his team’s activities. There was a “field source” that had infiltrated The CHAZ who was sharing unflattering videos of the happenings in the anarcho-communist six-block section of Seattle to One America News reporter Jack Posobiec and BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer, but the warlord couldn’t identify who it was.

As it turned out, it was Posobiec and Schaffer themselves. They have been living in The CHAZ since Friday, documenting everything mainstream media refuses to report. According to mainstream media, there are no armed security people patrolling the streets or shaking down anyone they believe gets out of line. Posobiec and Schaffer revealed there actually are such security measures that include armed Antifa members to go along with Simone’s crew.

According to mainstream media, The CHAZ is more like a version of Coachella with live music and street art, a truly festive atmosphere. As Posobiec reported, this is mostly true… during the day when mainstream media’s cameras are rolling. At night, it’s a completely different story. But at night, the narrative is difficult to capture because anyone with a camera out is instantly mobbed by people asking questions and attempting to block off filming. Like Democrats and mainstream media, many living in The CHAZ do not want the truth getting out.

Horrible situations were revealed throughout the journalists’ final night in Seattle. A break in and attempted arson of a local business owner. An accused thief attacked and searched before being further assaulted. Rampant drug use. Unspeakable sanitation issues. “Medics” who shield assaults rather than treat the assaulted. These are just some of the things revealed by Posobiec and Schaffer in a flurry of videos posted to Twitter and live-streamed from Periscope.

According to Posobiec and Schaffer, they will be putting together a documentary to expose all of the things mainstream media and Democratic politicians refuse to tell us about The Chaz.

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