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Thread by Margot Cleveland:

Before you swallow unquestioningly the claim that even though there was no evidence of fraud, Trump told DOJ to tell Americans the election was corrupt and he’d take it from there, read this thread. Fool me once and all that.
New York Times broke news this morning re: notes of post-election meeting between Trump & top DOJ officials.
This section here is absolutely damning:

It reads as if the President told his DOJ to tell American public the election was corrupt even after the DOJ told him there was no evidence to back it up.
But then I remember this is the New York Times and read on….
This section comes later in the article:

That quote seems very close to the earlier paraphrase, leading me to wonder, did the notes really said in this order:

Such notes have an entirely different meaning than both the intro


And the original presentation:

So which was it @nytimes? Did Trump tell DOJ to say election was corrupt in relation to no evidence off fraud or in response to DOJ saying they could discover quickly if PA had more votes than voters but that they couldn’t reverse the election?
Those are 2 VERY different things. And sadly I don’t trust you to report the truth, so how about posting the notes for America to judge?

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