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By Joe Hoft

North Caroling announced 100% of precincts reported on Election Night and decided to stop counting. But North Carolina now claims they counted only 94% of votes and this is what is reported in the corrupt media to this day.

The state of North Carolina announced that 100% of precincts reported at 11:40pm on election night

At some point on election night the state decided to stop counting. If all of their precincts were counted they had no need to continue counting.

But the for some reason the media never reported that President Trump won the state.

Yesterday it was reported that the state has mail in ballots to count and will not do so till next week:

Full results in North Carolina are not expected until next week, according to local media outlets, to allow outstanding mail-in and provisional ballots to be counted.

The governor and secretary of state in North Carolina are Democrats..

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