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Matt Walsh:

A reader sent me a message declaring quite excitedly that I’m ‘not gonna believe’ what’s happening at this public school in California. Apparently, Planned Parenthood has taken over sex-ed duties at a local high school and has begun teaching 13-year-olds that, among other things, they’re ready for sex so long as they think it will feel good. Planned Parenthood also has some informative tips on effective lubricants which they eagerly passed along to an unsuspecting collection of barely pubescent children.

In other words, that reader lied. I can totally believe this. Honestly, at this point I’m not sure there’s any public school related atrocity that would shock me. Send me something about kids being trained in ritualistic cannibalism, or being given reading materials from the Satanic Temple, and then maybe I’ll be surprised. (Wait, that second one is actually happening, and no, I’m still not surprised.)

Our government school system, like most every other institution in this country, has plunged into a state of intellectual and moral chaos, making it fertile ground for the depraved perverts at Planned Parenthood to spread their gospel. And before you accuse me of claiming that every person who works for Planned Parenthood is a depraved pervert, please understand that, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Anyway, I’m not trying to downplay this latest bit of debauchery. It’s outrageous — even if it is routine — and it deserves attention. The whole thing is made all the more egregious by the fact that parents were not properly informed about the ‘lesson’ plan ahead of time. The school didn’t make it clear that the sex-ed class would be conducted by Planned Parenthood – a detail that may have been pertinent, considering Planned Parenthood is a business which makes hundreds of millions of dollars aborting babies. The conflict of interest here is staggeringly clear. Having this organization teach sex-ed is like bringing in spokesmen from McDonald’s to talk about proper nutrition. In both instances, the ‘teachers’ are financially invested in making sure the kids do anything but make healthy choices.

Sorry, that analogy is ridiculous. McDonald’s could never set foot inside an American public school. It would never be allowed. We wouldn’t want the kids to be scandalized by soda and french fries, especially when it might distract them from learning about anal sex and transgenderism.

Speaking of which, the school in California found some creative ways to instruct the students in warped leftwing gender theory. Just in time for the holidays, here’s the ‘genderbread person.’

This is science, folks. Pure science. Well, either science or progressive superstitions cloaked in absurd faux-complexities. I can imagine that many of the parents probably didn’t realize they had to preemptively sit their children down and say, ‘listen, ‘agender’ isn’t a thing, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re either on drugs or on the payroll at your school, or both.’

Another worksheet was supposed to help the children decide if they’re ready to get busy.

According to adults who’ve taken it upon themselves to entice children into having sex, any child is ready provided they want to and they can find someone else who wants to. Who could foresee any pitfalls to raising kids using this strategy?

‘Dad, can I –’

‘Stop right there, son. Whatever you want to do, do you want to do it?’


‘Well, that settles it then. You’re always ready to do anything as long as you want to do that thing!’

‘Wow, thanks Dad! So where are your car keys?’

The learning materials also explain how a boy should obtain consent from a girl. Specifically, he should ask important questions like, ‘can I take my pants off?’ and ‘do you want to go back to my place?’

These are 13-year-olds, remember. A bunch of 13-year-olds who can, it turns out, invite their booty calls back to ‘their place.’ I’m sure their parents won’t mind, unless their parents are sex-hating prudes. Indeed, as creepy progressive weirdos constantly insist, we parents just have to resign ourselves to the fact that all kids — all kids — will start having sex approximately three or four years before they’re able to get their ears pierced without permission from a legal guardian.

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