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Sarah Hoyt @ PJMedia:

Stop the circular firing squad. I’m here to tell you it is not only crazy, it is counterproductive.

No, Mitt was not the man we wanted. Yes, he was shoved on us by the establishment. But he was the best candidate we could have this year, and he campaigned well. He campaigned like he wanted it. Unlike McCain, he deserves our thanks, and a place as speaker at future conventions.

Why did we lose then?

Let’s start with the media. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go look at videos of the conventions. The Republicans’ reasonable convention, reasonable concentrating on the economy, made not a dent. But the Democrats abortionpalooza where we were told we belonged to the government, that became the great convention of the century.

The media kept the Republicans in a cone of silence, when they weren’t amplifying Obama’s attacks.

A science fiction editor posted on Facebook yesterday that we must make sure that we voted for Obama, or we’d be back in the fifties with segregation and without women’s rights.

How can they even believe that? What part of the Republican platform had anything to do with that?

And all of my libertarian friends who think the problem is that Romney didn’t say he was okay with contraception and abortion — since when was contraception and abortion part of the campaign? The Republicans campaigned on the economy. Contraception and abortion were the media’s theme, introduced in the Republican primary. It was never in doubt that it wouldn’t be outlawed — a president can’t do that.

And yet even our side thinks that’s what it was about, and tears into each other over it.

And the socons can stop whining, too, that if we’d only had a true conservative … I will tell you right now, I’d have voted for Santorum only because I’d have voted for Satan himself against Obama. I can’t imagine a worse combination than someone who wants to regulate both my private life and my economic life. And I’m a conservative and I am, for the record, pro-life (I am an abortion survivor and wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been botched. You want to fight over it, libertarians, go right ahead. I’m fairly sure I’m a person even if mom would have preferred I weren’t alive — and had actual good reasons for it having to do with her health.) and very iffy on contraception due to my distrust of all unneeded chemical tampering with the body.

A “true conservative” candidate would not have a snowball’s chance in hell. Reagan, even, wasn’t that. No. I was alive then. Go look it up. He was conservative where it counted, which was fixing our economy and defeating the USSR. That’s it.

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