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by Mia Cathell

A ransomware attack that hacked the police department in the nation’s capital included leaked internal law enforcement training on Antifa’s ideology and tactics.
Last week, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington, DC, suffered an enormous data leak of internal information, amounting to an enormous 250GB trove of private files, after refusing to meet the blackmail demands of Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate Babuk.
The ransomware gang had published extensive profiles of 22 officers Tuesday as part of an extortion attempt. The files on current and former police officers are in-depth and include personal information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, results of psychological assessments, copies of driver’s licenses, fingerprints, polygraph test results, as well as residential, financial and marriage history.
In the training memo, MPD officials described Antifa as “a conglomeration of left-wing autonomous, militant anti-fascist groups in the United States,” noting that the “principal feature” of Antifa groups is the usage of “direct action.”
Authorities recognized that Antifa engages in varied protest to riot-related tactics, including “digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.”

Antifa tends to be anti-capitalist, the memo states, and are militant far-leftists, such as anarchists, communists, and socialists. The group’s self-described focus is on “fighting far-right and white supremacist ideologies directly, rather than through electoral means,” the internal data explains.
“This group by far is the most violent we have dealt with over the years,” the MPD maintained. “As you all are aware during the Inauguration of President Trump this was the group that destroyed property, assaulted any Trump supporter they ran into includ[ing] the elderly. They have no moral compass on who they go after.”
At the 2017 riot on the inauguration of former President Donald Trump, a limousine was lit ablaze, multiple vehicles were also set on fire, and black-clad activists among hundreds of demonstrators clashed with law enforcement several blocks away from the White House. Rocks and bottles were launched at cops dressed in riot gear, in which six local officers were reported injured by rioters.

Rioters dragged garbage cans into the streets near Pennsylvania Avenue which also became sites of arson. Numerous storefronts were defaced, causing tens of thousands of dollars in property damage.
Agitators used chunks of pavement and baseball bats to shatter the glass windows of several businesses downtown, including one of the Bank of America branches and one of the McDonald’s locations—all symbols of American capitalism.
The key conclusion made by the internal MPD training material on Antifa points out that if you do not believe in what Antifa believes in, you are nothing more than “a target of violence” to the violent extremist organization.
“Whoever compiled the report understands the most important things about [A]ntifa,” commented The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo.
Ngo, who quoted the material rather than uploaded screenshots, reported that the MPD also provided various law enforcement strategies to counter Antifa. However the countermeasures may be too sensitive to further circulate online.

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