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By Terry Ponick

I sometimes get involved in political discussions on a site that shall go nameless here. Most discussions are productive. But many are originated by doctrinaire leftists and populated with  like-minded comments and commentators. They aim to outdo one another in their denunciation of Republicans, libertarians and assorted freethinkers who observe the American left has gone off its rocker. For example, try to reason with those supporting the left’s biggest Election 2020 lie: President Trump’s attorneys presented absolutely no evidence of vote tampering by Democrats in key battleground states.
(The preferred terms are “vote fraud” or “election fraud,” not “vote tampering.” But putting “fraud” terminology in your headlines or initial paragraphs today gets your article tossed down the memory hole by social media sites and search engines alike.)
The Attack of the Election 2020 Killer Trolls
Upon objecting to this “no evidence” of vote tampering nonsense on one such thread, I instantly incurred the wrath of the left-wing troll masses. Apparently, they regarded this topic and thread as their turf. Consequently, they were outraged that someone from the Dark Side would question sacred leftist dogma.
Such brain-dead trolls insist on zealously parroting the MSM-promulgated myth that none of Donald Trump’s lawyers had presented verifiable evidence – not one shred – proving vote tampering occurred. Or evidence that Election 2020 had been stolen from Trump. And they’re sticking to it, despite the fact that their tall tale remains false. Evidence is there – from Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.
I countered this mantra several times, noting that nearly all these cases were dismissed by various courts, seemingly within seconds, due to technicalities. Their favorite seemed to be a “lack of standing” by the plaintiffs. In several cases, this ploy was essentially an exercise in judicial dark humor. This was generally the work of judges who, I strongly suspect, were motivated either by partisan Democrat kickbacks or payments-in-kind.
Or possibly by the likely realistic fear that Antifa / BLM’s thugs would murder both judges and their families if they allowed any of Trump’s cases to proceed.
In reality, in nearly all of the rejected cases, the judges never even bothered to crack open the substantial evidence Trump’s attorneys had presented. This includes the Supreme Court. They subsequently dismissed the cases “without evidence.” This is a bit different from the myth that Trump’s attorneys presented petitions and cases without evidence.
Engineering the language as they so often do, the MSM and their Marxist Amen Troll Corner continue to insist that Trump’s suits were presented “without evidence,” and were therefore dismissed. That’s an outright lie.
Promoting the left’s biggest Election 2020 lie
No one I tried to reason with on the discussion site would budge even an inch from the standard “without evidence” dogma. Here’s a typical example.

“Guess the reality that Trump’s lawyers, including Loony Rudy, repeatedly told the courts

  • We are not claiming fraud.
  • This is not a “stealing the election” case.
  • We have no proof of fraud.

“Yes, your honor, there are/were representing the plaintiff (that would be Trump) in the counting rooms.
They never alleged fraud because an attorney cannot lie to the court. It’s a felony and they will be disbarred.
“Just stop lying. You’re embarrassing yourself. Psycho Sidney & Loony Rudy have both publicly stated their claims were so ridiculously asinine only morons would believe them. Here you are pushing the lies anyway. They are being sued. Sidney is facing disbarment. Calls for Rudy to be disbarred have been happening for months.
“Enough with the lies. It’s ridiculous. There is plenty of proof you are lying. The court transcripts are readily available. There are multiple articles. Stay away from W Crazies and their lies and delusions.”

Unpacking the vote tampering cover-up: Name-calling
Let’s unpack this incoherent response, which is nothing more than a compendium of fake news clichés.
First, note the immediate name-calling. “Loony Rudy,” “Psycho Sidney.” Ad hominem is always the initial response from this legion of trolls. Smear and slander the messenger, never address his or her arguments. Hey, it works for CNN, MSNBC, and the consistently dreadful “Morning Joe.” It beats having to come up with a rational response. Demonize the messenger so no one will listen to his or her obviously worthless drivel.
No vote tampering; Or, there were, too, GOP observers in the counting rooms
Next, a variation on a standard lie: Trump’s people WERE represented in the “counting rooms.” This one is less an outright lie than what Catholics call a “sin of omission.” True, some “counting rooms” allowed GOP / Trump observers in the facilities. But the Democrat Machine’s paid vote counters kept them so far away from the physical vote counting that they needed an electron microscope to see what information each alleged paper ballot held.

So yeah, GOP observers were “there.” (Sometimes.) But how effective are observers who can’t actually see anything? Ask that question, however, and the trolls just move on to something else without answering the original question.
The art of projection
Having finished this round, our troll gets back to the name-calling. Trump and GOP supporters are known liars. (CNN says they are, so there.) Their claims are “ridiculously asinine.” Only “morons” believe them. This is a favorite tactic of the left: The projection of the Democrats’ own behavior onto Republicans. The Republicans are routinely accused of doing what Democrats do all the time. And it works, because that’s all the censorship-crazy media allows readers and viewers to see and hear.
Trump’s attorneys are getting disbarred
Not the additional aside: Rudy, Sidney, and other Trump attorneys are “facing disbarment.” No, they’re not. They are being threatened via left-wing organizations who can then smear them with the false impression that these attorneys have earned this “disbarment.” “Without evidence,” I might add.
Finally, that declaration that there is “proof” the GOP and MAGA folks are lying. It’s just more projection. Is the proof of this accusation derived from unattributed sources in the Washington Post, The New York Times, Reuters, the BBC, or Chris “Fredo” Cuomo? Are these accusations serious? No, they’re “without evidence.” As is their alleged fair and balanced coverage of Election 2020. (Including Fox.) But columnists, commentators, and trolls assert their own big lies with such supreme confidence that most of their fans believe them.
Pure Alinsky
Discredit your opponents. Personalize them. Freeze them. Smear them. Declare as facts everything your reliable media heroes tell you is true. And if an opponent still resists your leftist lies, cancel the bastard. Make sure nothing he or she says shows up in search queries or social media posts. And threaten his or her employer with boycotts and reprisals if the employer doesn’t fire this individual. That’s the Alinsky Way to intimidate and to win. When was the last time most students learned about syllogistic logic in a college course? A long time ago, I’d guess.
Ultimately, I reacted to the above provocation in part by citing a timely recent commentary penned by PowerLine co-founder, attorney John Hinderaker. (Bolded text is mine.)
John Hinderaker’s excellent rebuttal of the left’s “Without evidence” lie

“The Democrats engaged in a great deal of last-minute chicanery to lower electoral standards last year. They did do by hook or by crook, wherever they had loyal Secretaries of State willing to violate state law to erase protections against voter fraud. Why did they do this? I think it was because they knew voter fraud would help elect Joe Biden. Does anyone have an alternative explanation?
“I should add that the Democrats’ assertion that numerous courts have rejected the Trump administration’s claims of voter fraud is fatuous. There is no court in which the necessary discovery on the factual issue of voter fraud has been conducted, let alone a court in which such claims have been rejected. That process, if it occurs in any court, will take at least a year and a half to complete, probably longer.
“Some of Trump’s cases have been dismissed on standing or mootness grounds–it is too late, in other words, Joe Biden has been inaugurated–but no court has allowed fact-finding, followed by a ruling that Trump’s claims of voter fraud were factually incorrect, or that Joe Biden carried a particular state, notwithstanding significant illegal votes in his favor. Maybe ongoing litigation will shed light on these factual questions in the years to come. Maybe not.”

My final response to an unhinged and fact-free troll:

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