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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. That’s at least according to union leader Chris Shelton.

At a rally in Trenton, NJ today, Shelton blasted Christie, using Hitler and Nazis on multiple occasions. National Review reports:

“Welcome to Nazi Germany!” Chris Shelton, vice president of Communication Workers of America District 1, told the crowd. “We have Adolf Christie and his two generals [Democratic state legislative leaders] trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany. Are we going to let them?”

The crowd groaned its disapproval.

“In Nazi Germany, the first thing they did — the first thing that the Nazis and Adolph Hitler did — was go after the unions,” Shelton warned. “And that’s what Christie and his two generals are trying to do in New Jersey.”

Shelton later concluded: “It’s going to take World War III to get rid of Adolph Christie.”


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