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Fox News:

Does “Irish need not apply” still apply at Newsweek?

The magazine is under fire after publishing an opinion piece this week titled “Why are all the conservative loudmouths Irish-American?”

The article, written by Van Gosse, a history professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn., was published Monday and seeks to explain how “putative Irishmen” such as former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and ex-White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon “are now the face of the hard Right.”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity fired back, calling the article “a disgusting, ignorant display of bigotry.

“Perhaps Newsweek should learn the history of people like my Grandparents who came to this country with no money, faced discrimination and poverty all in the hopes that their children and grandchildren could have a better life.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is mentioned by Van Gosse as an example of an Irish-American “conservative loudmouth.”

“Perhaps he could learn the story of my father who grew up extremely poor, signed up for [World War II] and served 4 years in the Pacific, who achieved the American dream for his children by purchasing a small house on a 50 by 100 lot. He worked two jobs most of his adult life. Or the story of my mother who worked 25 years in a jail. Their stories are quintessentially American. They loved God, family and country and made the world a better place. Newsweek is a disgrace, and to publish such hatred and bigotry in this day and age is beyond the pale. Likely the reason Newsweek is a failing publication.”

Gosse, who says he is a quarter Irish-American on his father’s side, asked in the article, “Why has the ascent of a bunch of people who in an earlier period might have been called Micks drawn no notice at all?”

He said the rise of the likes of Buchanan and Bannon, as well as  Hannity, are not accidental. Gosse links it to former U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who in the 1950s fueled fears of widespread Communism.

Van Gosse is a professor at Franklin and Marshall College.

Gosse wrote, that by the 1960s, Irish Catholics, once in the periphery of American society, had “finally made it and become fully ‘white.’”

“Having fought their way to full inclusion, many were intent on pulling up the drawbridge,” he wrote.

“Jump forward to the present…Irish America has lost virtually all its distinctive qualities, becoming just one more version of whiteness colored by ethnicity,” Gosse wrote, adding someone saying they are “Irish Catholic” is like saying they are “Midwestern.”

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