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by Eric Lendrum, title via Ace

Newly-released records from the National Archives prove that attempts to bury any negative stories about the Biden family began long before the 2020 election, and even predate efforts to suppress the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story.
As reported by Just The News, the emails in question were released as the result of a lawsuit filed by the nonprofit group America First Legal. The emails date back to the Obama Administration, in the year 2015. In one email, an aide to then-Vice President Joe Biden claimed that she convinced a reporter to “only use” negative information on the Biden family “if her editors hold a gun to her head.”
Others in Biden’s office at the time actively worked to censor negative stories surrounding Hunter Biddn’s involvement with the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, especially in the context of Vice President Biden’s trip to Ukraine in December of 2015. At that time, Joe Biden himself personally approved quotes to address the matter of his son’s foreign business deals, even though Biden has since tried to claim that he was unaware of Hunter’s activities.
“VP signed off on this — will give this quote to both reporters in my name shortly,” said Kate Bedingfield, who at the time was a press official in the office of the Vice President.
“Really frustrating,” Bedingfeld wrote in another email in regards to reporters who began asking questions about Hunter’s business deals during that time. “That said, so long as it doesn’t elevate and trigger someone else to write, it’s actually a good and straightforward response.”
“Joe Biden and the Biden vice presidency were intimately involved in the Hunter Biden Burisma affair,” said Stephen Miller, the president of America First Legal, on Thursday in response to the revelations. “They were intimately aware of it. They were intimately aware of the ethical objections, and they were intimately involved in trying to spin and control the press about it.”
“What we are now all learning is that the National Archives has a deep state that is radically committed to stopping the public from accessing these documents, and also clearly is radically committed to attacking anything or anybody that they believe is contrary to their agenda,” Miller added.

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