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Sounds like a Local Crime Story to me, huh?

Not a “big national story.” Not a “hot, quickly-moving story.”

Hm! I wonder why.

Could it have something to do with the fact that the New York Times assigned dozens of reporters to smear Kavanaugh and wrote four blistering op-eds — by the Editorial Board itself — calling Blowsey-Ford’s claims “credible” and demanding we #BelieveAllWomen?

As John Sexton asks: Gee, how come the New York Times isn’t writing editorials noting that Tara Reade is credible and, unlike Blowsey-Ford, told at least two people about the rape who both confirm that they were told that story at the time?

The coauthor of the book hasn’t even bothered to respond. But she’s still advertising the book accusing Kavanaugh in her Twitter bio.

I guess she hasn’t bothered to comment on this story, or answer questions about her silence, because she’s too busy retweeting very important, game-changing, “hot” quickly-moving national stories like this:

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