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Tom Blumer:

In an attempt to build up its already “we’ll never really know why they did it” file relating to Islamist radicals taking innocent lives, three reporters at The New York Times composed a 1,900-word report Saturday evening (for Sunday’s print edition) about Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s family background.

The reporters provided very little hard information about Abedi’s motivations, despite the fact that readers who saw the paper’s tweet (HT Twitchy) which promoted the article were led to expect it: “What led Salman Abedi to bomb the Manchester arena?”


But they did push hard the news that Abedi called his mom before he carried the attack.

The family background and ties back to the Hillary Clinton-driven chaos in Libya the reporters provided were useful (though, of course, Mrs. Clinton’s name was never mentioned). But their recounting failed to genuinely reveal how someone could become so consumed with hate that they would be willing to kill themselves in order to kill as many others as possible at a pop music concert.

Thus, to make things easy for those who might still not be sure, here is what the Times deliberately ignored or failed to adequately explain.

First, Abedi was a member of a terrorist network. His involvement in such a network apparently meant next to nothing to the Times reporters, who wrote:

“… the investigation continues into the network’s hierarchy, the precise logistics involved in planning the bombing, and what motivated Mr. Abedi.”

For the benefit of reporters Katrin Bennhold, Stephen Castle and Declan Walsh: Terrorist networks plan and carry out terrorist attacks. That’s the motivation for their existence.

Now let’s narrow it down to what motivated this particular terrorist network and Abedi himself to carry out this act. The reporters saved their clues for several very late paragraphs:

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