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Transnational progressivism has no permanent allies, only permanent interests.
Nick Arama quotes from the NYT, which has come to bury Joe Biden, and not to praise him:

And as Mr. Biden insists he plans to run for a second term, his age has increasingly become an uncomfortable issue for him, his team and his party.Just a year and a half into his first term, Mr. Biden is already more than a year older than Ronald Reagan was at the end of two terms. If he mounts another campaign in 2024, Mr. Biden would be asking the country to elect a leader who would be 86 at the end of his tenure, testing the outer boundaries of age and the presidency. Polls show many Americans consider Mr. Biden too old, and some Democratic strategists do not think he should run again.
It is, unsurprisingly, a sensitive topic in the West Wing. In interviews, some sanctioned by the White House and some not, more than a dozen current and former senior officials and advisers uniformly reported that Mr. Biden remained intellectually engaged, asking smart questions at meetings, grilling aides on points of dispute, calling them late at night, picking out that weak point on Page 14 of a memo and rewriting speeches like his abortion statement on Friday right up until the last minute.

This third paragraph is the to-be-sure caveats that are inserted Just To Be Nice.
He sometimes attends briefings and asks questions?! Wow, what an engaged and capable executive!

But they acknowledged Mr. Biden looks older than just a few years ago, a political liability that cannot be solved by traditional White House stratagems like staff shake-ups or new communications plans. His energy level, while impressive for a man of his age, is not what it was, and some aides quietly watch out for him. He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.

Just like another leftwing outlet did last week — I forget which one it was, maybe Politico — they claim this is all a case of Republicans Pouncing and Conservatives Seizing, but it seems to me that Biden’s own aides are holding their breaths worrying about him committing more bizarre and/or national-security-imperiling gaffes, and they’re not Republicans or conservatives, as far as I know.
And it’s not Republicans or conservatives who fear Biden will fail in the simply task of walking across the room and killing himself.

Although White House officials insist they make no special accommodations the way Reagan’s team did, privately they try to guard Mr. Biden’s weekends in Delaware as much as possible. He is generally a five- or five-and-a-half-day-a-week president, although there are times when he is called at any hour regardless of the day. He stays out of public view at night and has taken part in fewer than half as many news conferences or interviews as recent predecessors.

Sundown doesn’t like making appearances past 5:30 pm? No kidding, really?
They’re also afraid that coronavirus will finish him up:

But aides are cautious about exposing him to the coronavirus. Aides are tested once a week and wear colored wristbands on the day of their test; if they plan to attend a meeting with the president on another day, then they must test that morning, too, and wear N95 masks.

And they’re “equally” worried about Biden’s brain and mouth destroying him:

The White House seems equally determined to guard Mr. Biden against unscripted interactions with the news media. He has held just 16 news conferences since taking office, less than half as many as Mr. Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush had by this stage and less than a third as many as Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, according to Martha Joynt Kumar, a longtime scholar of presidential media strategy.Likewise, Mr. Biden has given just 38 interviews, far fewer than Mr. Trump (116), Mr. Obama (19), the younger Mr. Bush (71), Mr. Clinton (75) and the older Mr. Bush (86).

The NYT inserts another “to-be-sure” caveat and says that Joe Biden gives more “impromptu” answers to the press than his predecessors, meaning, he answers question that are shouted at him as he’s getting out of the chopper after having come back from one of his infinite number of vacations.
These do not count. These are very brief answers consisting of a few words with no chance of a follow-up. Also, he only answers the ones he wants to answer. He can pretend he didn’t hear any question that is difficult. It’s especially easy to pretend you didn’t hear a question with the sound of chopper wash in the background.
Jill Biden spoke today at the “Latinx Incluxion” event and no, I’m not making that up.
That’s a real event that was attended by real Democrat axtivists.
This sell-out cvck also attended:

Jill Biden’s speech at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon will take place at 1PM and will immediately be followed by a panel titled, “A Powerful Case for Equity,” featuring two speakers from the Biden administration and Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

At the event, “Doctor” Jill Biden ventured this observation:

FLOTUS, in her speech this afternoon, said the Hispanic community was as “unique as the breakfast tacos” in San Antonio.

Is dementia contagious?
Here’s the longer quote:

“Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community–as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio–is your strength.”

What about the bosoms of Miami?
What a weird speech.
Are breakfast tacos even Mexican, for crying out loud? That certainly feels like an American invention, like the Mexican Pizza. (Which has just returned to the Taco Bell menu and holy mackerel is it bad. Has anyone else tried it again? I remember it from my youth as being uh-may-zing. But… either they lost the recipe, or my taste buds have completely changed, because it’s just bean paste on crackers.)
Thanks to Jane D’Oh.
Biden has fallen to 29% approval in the new Civiqs poll:


Even among Democrats, his approval is just 62%. Rasmussen similarly has it as 65%.
Nick Arama points out:

President Donald Trump never dipped into the 20s, despite constant Democratic and media attacks. The fact that now Biden’s below Trump ever was is going to drive Joe mad.

Biden screams in anger when he sees his poll numbers falling below Trumps. (He publicly lies that he never looks at the polls.)
According to Gallup, only five presidents have had their approval ratings hit the 20s, since polling was a business:

Harry Truman — 22%
Richard Nixon — 24%
Jimmy Carter — 28%
George H.W. Bush — 29%
George W. Bush — 25%

Kamala Harris sounds dubious about whether Pappy P3do is going to run in 2024. She giggles nervously and nods emphatically at the words “if he runs,” as if she’s trying to signal to you that she knows she’s lying but she’s being forced to go along with this charade.

The Republican National Committee is seizing on Vice President Kamala Harris’ statement Sunday — with laughter — suggesting President Joe Biden might not run in 2024, saying “if he” runs, she intends “to run with him.”The RNC Research Twitter account also noted Harris followed that hedged response by laughing “hysterically.”

She’s like an aging hyena who’s in a rush to get her Valtrex prescription filled.
We all know that Biden isn’t running in 2024. So conservatives must de-emphasize Biden the person as an opponent.

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