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By Joe Hoft

The Deep State FBI influenced New York Times is attempting to build their case on classified documents.  They are no big deal unless you are President Trump. 
The TGP has reported since the Deep State FBI’s illegal raid on President Trump’s home that he had every right to take with him the documents he wanted to take per the Presidential Records Act.  He also had the ability to classify or declassify any documents he wished while President.
Attorney Mike Davis shared this right after the FBI raid.

Davis served under Justice Gorsuch as well as Senator Grassley.  He is consistent in his reasoning about classified documents and Biden.  Biden stole the documents found in his possession since he had these since he was Obama’s Vice President.  Biden had no right as Vice President to pilfer classified documents.

The Deep State FBI mouthpiece the New York Times does not see it this way.  In a report yesterday, they say the following:

Classified documents keep turning up in the homes of former presidents and vice presidents. First, law enforcement found hundreds of them in Donald Trump’s home. President Biden’s aides recently gave back classified documents that were found in his office and home, dating to his time as vice president and senator. And last week, Mike Pence’s aides found classified documents in his home.
After all of these discoveries, the National Archives asked former presidents and vice presidents yesterday to look through their personal records for any documents that should not be there.
The three cases have important differences. Notably, Trump resisted efforts to retrieve the documents, while Biden and Pence returned them voluntarily. But they have all raised the public’s awareness of what has long been a government phenomenon: Current and former officials at all levels discover and turn over classified documents several times a year, The Associated Press reported.

This is blatantly false.  President Trump was working with the FBI.  He allowed them on his property.  He kept his documents under lock and key with security and Secret Service all around his Mar-a-Lago.  He opened his doors to their review.  This is why attorney Davis says the FBI’s actions were unnecessary.
On the other hand, Biden had top-secret classified documents in his home, in his garage, and in the China-backed U Penn Biden Center since when Biden was Obama’s corrupt VP.  This is at least six years.  When these documents were handed over to the FBI it was not immediate or quick in any way.
We don’t know about Pence.
Biden’s documents were top-secret.  They should have never left government protection yet they were found in Biden’s possession.
The New York Times goes on to state that we classify too many documents.

In many agencies, officials “face no downsides for over-classifying something,” said Oona Hathaway, a professor at Yale Law School and former special counsel at the Pentagon. “But if you under-classify something, really dire consequences could come for you.”
So officials tend to play it safe. Of the more than 50 million documents classified every year, just 5 to 10 percent warrant the classification, Hathaway estimated, based on her experience at the Pentagon.

The Times says there are hazards to overclassification.

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