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by Vivek Saxena

The latest edition of the “Twitter Files” shows how an “alliance of academics, journalists, intelligence operatives, military personnel, government bureaucrats, NGO workers and more” are working together to silence dissent.

The latest edition was released Tuesday by Andrew Lowenthal, who reportedly spent 18 years as the executive director of Engage Media, a non-governmental organization “devoted to protecting digital rights and freedoms.”

“In recent years, I watched with concern and then despair as a dramatic change swept through my field. Organizations & peers began de-emphasizing freedom of expression, instead promoting surveillance & censorship to combat ‘disinformation.’ … I knew things were bad. When I started work on the #TwitterFiles, I learned: they’re far worse,” Lowenthal writes.

“The Files show an uncanny alliance of academics, journalists, intelligence operatives, military personnel, government bureaucrats, NGO workers and more. … I had always understood ‘civil society’ to mean ‘not the military.’ The former exists to check the latter. So I was shocked to see the depth of collaboration. For instance, ‘civil society’ groups coordinating with Pentagon officials in an ‘election tabletop’ exercise. Why?” he continues.

“In a functioning democracy there’s dynamic tension between government, civil society organizations, news media, and industry, all advancing their own interests, in theory keeping one another honest. In the #TwitterFiles we find them all working together, cartel-style,” he adds, concluding his opener.

View the beginning of the “Files” below:

As an example of them all working together, Lowenthal includes proof of Twitter’s pre-Elon Musk staff asking for then-Twitter general counsel Jim Baker, a former FBI guy, to give his blessing for EIP and Virality Project partner Graphika to “inform their partners in USG 3-5 days before publication” about a report reportedly detailing Pentagon disinformation operations.

“Graphika receives money from the Pentagon, Navy, and Air Force, while simultaneously supporting human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Working with both the perpetrators & those representing the victims is very 2023,” he writes.

View the proof below:

“During the War on Terror the DHS was harshly criticized by progressives for civil rights violations and targeting of Muslims,” Lowenthal continues.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security still faces massive criticism from the left for daring to arrest and deport illegal aliens — some of them, at least.

Yet ironically enough, DHS is now working “closely with progressive tech.”

Here’s an example of pre-Elon Twitter staff welcoming a DHS staffer’s job application:

“Other DHS staff such as Matt Masterson become fellows at the Stanford Internet Observatory and work on the Virality Project’s censorship of ‘true stories of vaccine side effects.’ The revolving door between academia, government, NGO’s and BigTech is endless,” Lowenthal writes.

As another example, he points to the Hunter Biden exercise completed by the Aspen Institute weeks before the laptop story broke in late 2020 (and was subsequently censored).

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