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by Ace

The dam is breaking.

‘A coordinated criminal conspiracy’: NY Gov. Cuomo’s aides pushed health officials to rewrite review into nursing homes to cover-up true death toll, new reports claim

Cuomo’s aides altered a July report from state health officials, the WSJ reported

They wanted changes in recording COVID deaths of nursing home residents

Nursing home residents who died in hospital were recorded as hospital deaths

The maneuver reduced the overall figure for deaths inside nursing homes

Cuomo has been under intense pressure for his handling of the situation

Cuomo ordered nursing homes readmit recuperating COVID patients

Critics claim that the policy spread the virus and caused unnecessary deaths

Melissa DeRosa, his top aide, admitted that the team ‘froze’ when asked for data

She said in August they did not know if the data would be used against them

…The bombshell report comes hours after one of three women accusing Cuomo of sexual assault spoke out on television for the first time, adding to his horrendous week.

Mike Lawler, a Republican assemblyman representing Rockland County, was among those calling on Thursday night for Cuomo to resign.

‘It’s very clear the Cuomo admin understood their March 25th order had contributed to the death toll & they wanted to cover it up to avoid political fallout, plain and simple,’ he tweeted.

‘They had the data & they hid it. This was a coordinated criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice.’

Tim Pool points out that this is a grave scandal for Cuomo, but it’s equally a grave scandal for the corporate media, which covered this up and praised Cuomo even while he was killing grandparents just to promote a possible replacement for Biden and to create a narrative of Competent Cuomo Vs Incompetent Trump.

They gave him an Emmy.

He ordered the data be changed just as he was writing a book praising his handling of covid:

Howard Zucker, the state health commissioner, agreed that the data showing deaths among residents, who died outside of their nursing homes, should not be included in the July report, the Journal said.

The July intervention came just as Cuomo was starting to write a book on his pandemic achievements, entitled American Leadership.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Cuomo was warned by national nursing home organizations that it would kill people if he ordered covid-infected people to be re-seeded into the nursing homes.

Nursing home operators, learning of the policy only after it was issued, immediately objected, saying it would introduce the virus into their facilities. A national group representing nursing home health providers said at the time that the March 25th directive was “not in the least consistent with patient safety principles.”

Again, he had the Javitz center and the USS Mercy hospital ship if he wanted to keep these patients out of his donors’ hospitals.

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