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Two more additions to the steadily accumulating evidence CO2 plays an insignificant to negligible role in climate change have recently been published in the scientific literature.

Last year, Dr. Rex J. Fleming, a former  NOAA climate scientist who earned both his Master’s and Ph.D in meteorology, published a paper (Fleming, 2018) in the Environmental Earth Sciences journal that detailed the lack of an identifiable causal relationship between CO2 concentration changes and Earth’s temperature.

Fleming theorized that the Earth has warmed in the modern era as a consequence of the strong solar activity during the 20th century  (the Modern Maximum) shielding cosmic ray intensification and thus reducing decadal-scale cloud cover, which leads to warming via an increase in absorbed surface solar radiation as illustrated here by Ogurtsov et al., 2012 and detailed by Avakyan, 2013McLean, 2014Herman et al., 2013Goode and Palle, 2007Loeb et al., 2018Pokrovsky, 2019, and others.
Fleming has now published an expanded version of his 2018 paper in a Springer© book entitled The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change.

He reaches the same conclusion: CO2 has “no role” in the process of influencing climate.

Image Source: Fleming, 2019

Another climate sensitivity paper (Krainov and Smirnov, 2019) published in the journal Atomic and Molecular Radiative Processes finds a negligible (0.02 K) warming contribution from human emissions.

Physicists Dr. Vladimir Krainov, atomic physicist, and Dr. Boris Smirnov, author of over a dozen physics textbooks – conclude “injections of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of combustion of fossil fuesls is not important for the greenhouse effect.”

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