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By Bonchie

The Biden Administration’s latest failure has made history. After economists predicted an addition of around one million new jobs to the economy, the actual number came in at a dismal 266,000. That makes it the worst miss in history and an absolutely pathetic showing for Joe Biden’s “build back better” strategy.
Not only did we not add anywhere near the number of jobs expected, but the unemployment rate actually went up to 6.1%.


The reason this is happening isn’t just bad luck. This can be directly linked to Joe Biden and his party’s insistence on showering people with “unemployment” benefits that last into the fall. Right now, you can make more money sitting at home than you can by doing many service jobs that need filling, and even if you can’t, some people have decided that making less money to do nothing is better than making more money to actually work.

I’m currently in Florida as I type this. Every single restaurant I’ve been to is short-handed. The same is true for my home city and every city I passed through to get down here. These are jobs at nice establishments that routinely paid people $3,000-$4,000 a month in wages and tips. But when you can sit on your butt and make $2400 a month, why bother? That’s the calculation a lot of Americans are making, and in some ways, I can’t blame them. This is a failure of leadership from the top down, starting with Joe Biden, who is utterly incapable of doing his job as president.
Republicans warned about this happening and were mocked as not caring about the pandemic. Now, the consequences of garbage policy are being made apparent.

This report was so bad that CNBC had to double-check the numbers live on air because they couldn’t believe what they were reading.
It’s also clear that the Biden administration didn’t expect things to be this terrible.

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