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The velocity at which this guy talks during these videos sometimes leaves me feeling vaguely as though I’m listening to a foreign language in which I’m not proficient yet. The words pile up quicker than they can be digested, which probably explains the queasy feeling. Did GQ tell him before he wrote the scripts that he’d have 15 minutes per video, only to inform him before recording that they were cutting it to 10? Between the speed of his blather and the his … colorful persona, Olby would have made a great “Gilmore Girls” character. He could have been Kirk’s socially conscious best friend, the local newsman who’s always a little too ready with a bombastic opinion. Luke would have thrown him out of the diner on every episode.


My question about the “Resistance” is this: Is he serious? Specifically, how much of this is performance and how much of it is Olby’s anger already pegging the needle at Day -31 of the Trump administration? I understand disliking Trump (believe me) and feeling suspicious about the Trump/Putin bromance, but after watching Olbermann affect this same level of indignation towards Bush year after year, you’re left assuming that this is just his default mood under Republican presidencies. If we’d ended up with President Romney, there would have been a “Resistance” video series about that too. His Rx for resisting Trump after yesterday’s big electoral-college letdown seems phoned-in too. The big anti-Trump project begins with … never describing him as “President Trump,” and “find[ing] a Trump supporter everyday and remind them he lost the popular vote”?

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