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Washington Examiner:

While speaking at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Gina McCarthy, the new head of the EPA, said Wednesday the administration is finished waiting on Congress and is set to take unilateral action on measures aimed at global warming, the Washington Times reported.

In June, Obama gave “what I really think is a most remarkable speech by a president of the United States,” she said.

“Essentially, he said that it is time to act,” she said. “And he said he wasn’t going to wait for Congress, but that he had administrative authorities and that it was time to start utilizing those more effectively and in a more concerted way.”

McCarthy insisted the administration could reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions without harming economic growth, and could do it without any congressional approval.

“We’re going to do this this year, next year, the following year, until people understand these are not scary things to do, these are actions we can all do, they’re actions that benefit everybody, that will grow the economy, and they’re actions that will protect the health and safety of individuals,” she said.

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