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By Ace

We told them fifty million times: There is no restraint on Biden (or Hillary before him), as the media and all the bureaucracy of government is behind him.
Trump, on the other hand, is shackled by restraints everywhere. He’s almost nothing but restraints. Even if he wanted to be this “authoritarian” you’re constantly babbling about, he couldn’t be.
On the other hand, Biden — and Hillary before him — can be authoritarians. An, as Obama showed, the left is increasingly eager to resort to tyrannical rule as they are frustrated by democracy blocking their dreams of a socialist utopia.
Nonsense, NeverTrump answered. Biden is an Honorable Man with Good Character, and a Moderate Centrist who will Repair Our Frayed Norms. He would never do that.
(They also thought that Hillary Clinton was a Moderate Centrist who would not trespass beyond constitutional or legal norms as well!)
Well, here we are.

Dan McLaughlin
We now have a president with no regard for the rule of law or its restraints on his arbitrary power to issue fiats, backed by an entire party & commentariat that views “Whatabout Trump” as an all-purpose get-out-of-law-free card.

Dave Reaboi isn’t letting this filthy stupid weakling off easy.

David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense
We told you. But revulsion of Trump’s aesthetics mattered more.

Baseball Cvck blames his Biden’s donning of the Tyrant’s Mantle on… Trump!
Of course. Of course.
After Baseball Cvck himself just said that every tyrannical move by Biden is defended by saying “WhataboutTrump” as the all-purpose get-out-of-jail-free card!

Dan McLaughlin
Trump absolutely bears responsibility for how we got here, just as Democrats bear responsibility for his election denial – that’s how slippery slopes work – and pretending otherwise does no good. Also, c’mon, no adult thinks aesthetics was Trump’s only vice.

David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense
Trump was always a lagging indicator, a reaction to voters’ exasperation over the radicalism of the Left and the refusal of the GOP to deal with key issues. No politician is perfect–and he didn’t deal with the insane left with as much ruthlessness as it required.

Dan McLaughlin
“Due to the other side’s misconduct, we shouldn’t care what’s true or what’s legal” is how we got in this mess, & more of it won’t get us out

What did Trump do that was illegal?
Election denial?
Dave points out that Hillary Clinton put the entire CIA and NSA and FBI to work for six years in the business of Election Denial, attempting to prove her conspiracy theory that Trump was installed by the Russians.

David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense
Also: I stopped caring about “election denial” in 2017-2020, when everyone wasn’t just allowed to do it, but was cost of entry into mainstream spaces.
There is only 1 thing I will not bend on–if there are rules for us, there must be rules for them.
They manufactured a lie about “Russian interference in the election,” caused insane investigations and got 1/2 the country to believe their president is literally an enemy foreign agent.
This is far worse for the social cohesion required for “democracy” than anything on J6.
They did this without regard for what kind of *irreparable* harm it would do to social cohesion–and, even worse, many of your past and current colleagues at NRO and in the GOP were completely taken because they despised Trump so much.
And then jump-cut to the same people J6 and hand-wringing and pearl-clutching about Trump’s talk about “stolen elections.”
We don’t care now. Not even a little.

The NeverTrumpers never accept that Hillary Clinton’s refusal to admit that she lost, fair and square — and her subsequent enlistment of the entirety of the leadership of the government intelligence services and law enforcement in what is in fact an attempt at an illegal coup — is itself “election denial” and something far worse, with far greater constitutional consequences, than anything Trump did.
Did Trump enlist the CIA and FBI into his “insurrection”?
NeverTrump never admits any of this.
And why?
Well, for a simple reason: Because NeverTrump is and remains Russiagate Truthers. They remain committed to the idea that somehow, in some foggy way they can’t quite explain, Russiagate is still TRUE.
They are as fanatical on this point as Rachel Maddow.

Dan McLaughlin
Spoiler: Caesar did not, in fact, save the Republic by crossing the Rubicon.

We’re not talking about that, asshole — we’re talking about you finally admitting that the Democrats you supported in fact are more guilty of crimes against the constitution than the man you claimed was so authoritarian in impulse that you were compelled to support the morally and ethically spotless Hillary Clinton and the “moderate and centrist” Joe Biden, who was in fact further to the left of Barack Hussein Obama.

Auron MacIntyre
Conservatives can’t acknowledge the political reality around them because it would require them to admit that they failed to conserve the republic.

Hillary Clinton, recently: “You can even have the election stolen from you.”
She also said that Trump won’t admit that Hillary beat him, “because he knows he didn’t win, he knows he’s an illegitimate president.”
NeverTrump has fuck-all to say about this.
In fact, they cheerleaded for their gal making these outrageous election denialist claims for six years.

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