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Via TwitchyHarmeet K. Dhillon uncorks a rant for the ages.

1/As a San Francisco resident and business owner, I’m wondering–can I trust the health judgments of leaders who let thousands live on the streets in their filth? And if we are now getting homeless into shelter, why couldn’t that have happened earlier? Doesn’t their health count?

2/ All of a sudden we are supposed to accept 24-hour curfews “for your own safety” from people who order the police to stand down when Antifa & friends beat the hell out of taxpayers; people who refuse to enforce laws they don’t like (death penalty, bail, property crimes) …/

3/ City leaders who literally give wanted alien criminals a public heads up when ICE is about to conduct raids are now telling me what’s best, declaring a death penalty for businesses, no hearings or due process?! Forgive me if I don’t fall right into line with the fascism …/

4/ which seems awfully situational. The Governor’s suggestions yesterday that older and vulnerable people take extra care and stay inside seemed reasonable. Liberal city leaders decided to seize the opportunity and throw the whole economy into a tailspin as collateral damage …/

5/ but don’t worry — we’ll soon have a government sponsored bailout for favored groups soon, funded with a tax increase crammed down the throats of the dwindling number of taxpayers. Homeless go back to the streets, illegal alien criminals get sanctuary, car break-one continue…

6/ Criminals continue to be released from jail or not arrested at all, and we all become more habituated, like sheep, to the loss of liberty yet again, “for our safety.” I’m not buying it. I don’t buy it with FISA renewal, with gun grabbing, or with this sweeping lack of process.

/7 SF Mayor London is tied to a corruption investigation of a federally indicted city bureaucrat she dated. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo mocked Trump supporters assaulted by criminals while police stood down. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff tips off wanted violent illegal aliens … /

/8 …. these are the Bay Area rulers telling 7.1 million+ citizens — more than the population of many US states — to stay indoors, shut down businesses? Great judgment, all of them.

Related: California governor Gavin Newsom, who has let homeless populations breed the literal bubonic plague in their homeless camps, now admits he had the power to “encourage people off the streets” all along.

He just didn’t consider it worth doing.

Newsom told reporters, “We’re working in real-time to secure hotels, motels, and trailers to house our homeless safely and protect our communities and the spread of COVID-19.”

But when asked what would happen if the people in homeless encampments refused to be put in a motel or hotel and if he would consider forcing them into housing, here’s what Newsom said: “All of these things are hypotheticals and we’ll meet the moment. And we have the capacity to encourage people off the streets. We have existing rules and regulations.”

“We have existing rules and regulations” to force people off the streets? That’s right, the California governor admitted to having the authority to do this the entire time, but he just hasn’t done it.

He didn’t say that emergency declarations at the state and national levels give him more latitude to force people off the streets and riverbeds. He said they “have existing rules and regulations” to get people off the street.

Speaking of gun-grabbing: New York Times fruitbasket Nicholas Kristof uses coronavirus as cover to agitate for gun confiscation.

Meanwhile, Kamala the Kop uses coronavirus as a pretext to demand $500 per month federal doles to everyone.

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