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Democrat lawmakers are SILENT as Pelosi REFUSES to pass funding for small businesses in crisis!

Nancy Pelosi showed off her basket of fancy chocolates this week at home in her mansion.

This is while tens of thousands of businesses are waiting for her to approve more funding to small businesses.

Pelosi is stalling.

Meanwhile a poll of restaurant and bar owners found that 80% of owners are not sure they will ever reopen after the government enforced shutdown of their businesses.

On Thursday the PPP Loan program ran out of money. Already $349 billion was handed out to struggling businesses.

At least 20,000 went unprocessed on Thursday and Friday.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to act.

All she would need to do is approve more funding for the program.

Businesses are waiting for crisis assistance.

Pelosi refuses to act.

And Democrat lawmakers are silent.

Only two or three Democrats have spoken out for more funding.

Businesses are dying thanks to Pelosi.

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