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Mike Ciandella:

The broadcast news networks couldn’t get enough of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan – until a leading Democrat in town became the target of a corruption lawsuit. Despite spending 1 hour and 42 minutes discussing the Flint since the story broke onto the national stage in December, 2015, the evening news shows of ABC, CBS and NBC have completely ignored reports that Flint’s Democrat mayor allegedly funneled money from a charity meant to help victims of the crisis into her personal PAC.

According to, a lawsuit filed by a city employee of the mayor claims that “in February 2016, Flint’s current mayor, Karen Weaver, directed a former city employee and a city volunteer to stop directing potential donors to a charity called Safe Water/Safe Homes” and instead to direct the donations to “Karenabout Flint.”

Since this story was first reported on May 9, none of the three networks have reported on Flint at all.

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