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The big three networks continued to gaslight Americans by insisting that protests and riots across the country were “mostly peaceful” while cities burn, policemen are attacked and both officers and bystanders are assaulted and in some cases, murdered. Another one of these tragic cases happened Tuesday as 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was murdered by looters who shot him in cold blood so they could steal televisions. His murder was allegedly live streamed on Facebook. ABC and CBS only spent seconds on his death while NBC completely ignored the senseless murder. Instead, all three networks repeated how “peaceful” the protests were forty-two times this morning alone.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, Dorn’s death was mentioned at the tail end of a segment about protesters “demanding answers,” while ABC touted incidents where officers used force or tear gas against protesters. As correspondent T.J. Holmes then brought up incidents where protesters attempted to kill police officers, the chyron on screen changed from “demand for answers” to the milder “Officers caught in the crosshairs.” Holmes reported,

“[P]olice have also been caught in the crosshairs while trying to keep cities calm. In Buffalo, three people now facing charges for striking two troopers and an officer with an SUV as they tried to push back a crowd of demonstrators,” He added:

HOLMES: An investigation underway into this video showing a car slamming into a police officer in a hit-and-run in the Bronx. The officer is in serious condition. Another four officers shot during a protest Monday night in St. Louis and in a separate incident retired police captain David Dorn shot and killed by suspected looters while protecting a friend’s store. This morning, we spoke to the captain’s daughter.

DORN’S DAUGHTER, LARISSA HOLMES: He really tried to make a difference so I would just want him to be remembered as that person in the community that tried to go above and beyond.

However, ABC didn’t show that interview with Dorn’s daughter. They only alluded to it with that soundbite and twenty one seconds on his murder in total. Before this, ABC’s Pierre Thomas shared an FBI warning about violent opportunists “hunting” police, but did not mention Antifa or who they were. Meanwhile, anchors and journalists insisted at least thirteen times during today’s GMA that demonstrations across the country were “peaceful” yesterday.

The network spent more time today, just as ABC did yesterday, talking to two Atlanta teens who were tased in their car by police for breaking curfew last Saturday. Those police officers were fired. However, a man’s senseless death received little attention. CBS was adamant about how “peaceful” the protests were, mentioning it twelve times.

But there was not a peep on NBC’s Today Show about Dorn’s murder. Even President Trump tweeted about him. Did his life not matter?

NBC was the most heavy-handed with the “peaceful protests” spin as well, with its reporters and anchors saying this a whopping seventeen times during this morning’s broadcast alone.

The media also largely ignored when another black man was killed last week during the riots.

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