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by Larry Johnson

Let me cut to the chase. It appears that one of the objectives for Biden’s policy towards NATO is to get all NATO members in a position where they have to buy western weapons–i.e., good news for General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, et. al. Provoking the war with Russia and then pressing NATO members with Soviet/Russia tanks, weapons, vehicles, etc. to empty their warehouses and send that “old” stuff to NATO. Now, everyone will resupply by buying weapons produced primarily by U.S. based corporations.
I am not the only one who thinks this. Mexican President Obrador has chimed in:

“How is this so? On the one hand, NATO denies Ukraine membership in the alliance. And on the other hand, they offer her weapons and impose sanctions against Russia.This war serves the interests of the military industry”

That is not all. A couple of NATO Generals confirmed that the goal for NATO is to “shift to western systems.” Here is the press conference today of the NATO Military Committee Conference 2022.

Go to the 23:58 mark in the video. One of the generals says, “We are now in a phase when more western systems are being handed over to Ukraine.” He goes on to explain that as NATO supplies weapons, such as HIMMARS, the Ukrainians need to be trained to operate the new systems and to maintain them. He admits that the Soviet type weapon systems that were in the arsenals of some NATO members are now gone. NATO is shifting to western systems.
The war in Ukraine is not about pushing the Russians out and security the Donbas and Crimea for Ukraine. It is a war to create the conditions that will keep the U.S. and British defense industries in business for years to come. A cynical, blood thirsty policy founded on corruption. That is what NATO has become.
Estonia Defense Forces Lieutenant General Martin Herem made some news when he announced a major shift in NATO’s strategy. Go to the 9:47 mark. Herem says, “We must move from Tripwire to Forward Defense.”
What is “tripwire?”

A pillar of American grand strategy since 1945 has been the deployment of forces — sometimes smaller and sometimes larger — abroad. A key logic underpinning smaller deployments is that they serve as tripwires: Attacking them is assumed to inevitably trigger broader intervention, deterring aggression.

Forward Defense is a more aggressive and bellicose strategy.

A U.S. strategic concept which calls for containing or repulsing military aggression as close to the original line of contact as possible so as to defend the entire territory of a nation or alliance. The forward defense concept provides the rationale for the stationing of U.S. armed forces in Europe, Korea, and other overseas locations

Whether NATO can carry this out is a different matter. In theory it means that U.S. and NATO forces will be moved closer to Russia’s border and equipped and armed to fight at the drop of a hat. The shift from “tripwire” to “forward defense” means that the prospects for war with Russia increase rather than diminish. With tripwire there is time between first contact and possible nuclear escalation to deescalate the conflict. If you are a Russian military planner you now have to assume that any U.S. or NATO troops on your border are no longer operating from a defensive posture. They are armed with weapons that can be used to launch a first strike. Do you think that makes the world safer?
I am skeptical that NATO can pull this off because it is more focused on promoting a “woke” agenda rather than military excellence. Go to the 12:18 mark in the video and listen to General Herem wax eloquent about promoting “Diversity in the Armed Forces”. I guess the lilly white Europeans are going to have to import some black Africans, Latinos and Asians in order to have some real diversity. A few swarthy Italians just does not meet that goal.
Of course it also means NATO is going to cater to transgender and the LGBQT communities. Doesn’t equality mean equal numbers.
Speaking of numbers. The U.S. Army is in trouble. The new soldiers are dumber, fatter and less qualified. Not my opinion. It is according to the Army Times:

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